Dear developer,

Since roughly 2006 OMPC was just a bunch of Python tricks and a regular expressions based translator that always required a finalizing touch of an experienced programmer. Only thanks to a self-imposed deadline, in September 2008 it is the first time OMPC can be used without human involvement. It can adapt MATLAB® programs for use with the Python interpreter. Even before I am a programmer that works in a scientific laboratory. Although I am always involved in some kind of research I always end up programming features for Python or MATLAB® that make the work in the lab easier. As you can imagine, instead of concentrating on research I spend a lot of time coding.

The released OMPC at the moment is a very small portion of what it can become. It is the brains and sweat of a single person. Well, not really, I use a lot of code that I found all over the web. I could trace attempts to make MATLAB for Python back to 2000 ( Since then the numerical extensions for Python grew into mature and stable libraries, namely numpy, scipy and matplotlib. There were even attempts to modify Python in favor of MATLAB® features (PEP 225). Today, everything is much easier, look at the Examples page and you will realize that it is not necessary to ask for changes in Python. Running MATLAB® programs in the Python interpreter is possible.

There are more files than the release repository at bitbucket. Just to prove myself what I can do, I have written many small programs. This includes a console that might once look like the MATLAB Workspace window, a browser based on tkhtml. Contact me and I will let you now how you can find them. They are not released because they need more work, but eventually ...

Anyway, all I want to say is,

I need help!

If you are an experienced programmer you will get the programs running. And if not don't hesitate and contact me. Even if you cannot help, I need to know what features are the most interesting for people.

Help me to make this message disappear from the page and put here something more useful.

Peter Jurica

September 2008
Perceptual Dynamics Laboratory, RIKEN Brain Science Institute